The Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Monthly Business Meeting

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Manheim, PA

Sunday, March 4, 2018


President Tom Walczak called the meeting to order at 2:06.  He thanked Jim Smedley for presiding over last two meetings as he was not well for one and weather prohibited him attending the second. 


Our speaker for the day, Jim Evans, had a previous engagement and asked to conduct his presentation before the general business meeting.  The members enjoyed his presentation entitled “Keepers of the Light”.


After a brief intermission Tom Walczak called the general business meeting to order at 3:15.  He led us in the pledge of allegiance.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Tom asked for approval of the minutes located in the box in the back.  The minutes were approved and accepted as written.


NEW MEMBERS AND GUESTS:  Ginny Eyrich introduced her daughter who came with her today.  It is the first time Ginny has been to a meeting in a while.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  We have one new member, Christine Weaver of Lancaster Visitor Center.  We have 382 members renewed for 2017-2018.  The treasurer’s report was approved as read.




Michael Chorazy saw a romantic shelter at the Philadelphia Flower Show.


Michael Rudnick made a trip to Maine where he saw Bath-Haverhill (NH-05-04) for the first time and several other bridges and lighthouses.  He visited Martin’s Mill (PA-28-01) this morning.


Joe McCarthy gave us a Blenheim update.  They have received the go ahead to put the siding on the bridge before moving it over the water.  240 rafters were delivered to the site last Friday.  They anticipate the move to start around March 19th and will take 10 days.  He will keep us posted.  A dedication ceremony will be held sometime this summer.  They will use a jacking/sliding method to move the bridge in place.


Pat Cook recently saw her last authentic covered bridge in Georgia along with a small private romantic shelter in Florida.


Connie McLaughlin was able to recreate the Buck Run bridge painting scene at Speakman #1 (PA-15-05).





President Tom Walczak – No bridge report although he has been busy with other bridge business.  Tom sent the verbiage to the governor’s office for the See Pennsylvania’s Covered Bridges Week Proclamation. 


First Vice President Jim Smedley – He and Gloria visited six covered bridges in Lancaster County on February 18th after having a nice lunch with family in York.  They stopped at Kurtz’s Mill (PA-36-03), Neff’s Mill (PA-36-22 #2), Lime Valley (PA-36-23), Baumgardner’s Mill (PA-36-25 #2), Forry’s Mill (PA-36-28) and Colemanville (PA-36-55).  All of the bridges were in excellent condition.  They also saw Hewitt Bridge (PA-05-26) while returning from Ohio last Tuesday. It was in nice condition but could use some paint.  They also saw Shafer-Campbell (OH-07-05) on that trip. 


The deadline for PA Crossings is June 3rd, the Sunday before our safari weekend.


Second Vice President Ray Finkelstein contacted Congressman Toomey office and will be getting help in applying for a grant. He visited Ludlow Green's Covered Bridge in Bridgehampton, NY on February 23rd.   Thanks to Bob who let him know that the covered bridge belt Bob wears he got at the Green Dragon so Ray and Dave Green went there to buy one.  Ray now has a cool leather covered bridge belt too.  He will attend Macungie Community Night representing TBCBS on May 1st.


Third Vice President Steve Wolfhope – No report. 


Fourth Vice President Tim McLaughlin – Tim enjoyed helping take down the holiday decorations at Poole Forge (PA-36-01).  He and Connie visited several PA bridges and a DE bridge this past month including Wooddale (DE-02-04 #2), Shenck’s Mill (PA-36-30 #2) where he found the damage had been repaired, Mercer’s Mill (PA-15-19/36-38), Wertz’s (PA-06-06), Reeser’s (PA-01-05), Heike’s (PA -01-14) which is in a very nice setting, and Bowmansdale (PA-21-I/PA-67-J).  He also visited a couple romantic shelters.   At Zook’s Mill (PA-36-14) they saw a mattress floating under the bridge downstream.


Historian Fred J. Moll was not in attendance as he is recovering from knee replacement surgery.


Recording Secretary Gloria Smedley- No report.


Corresponding Secretary/Program Chair Pam Heisey - No report.


Treasurer Robert Kuether  thanked Jim and Gloria Smedley for selling items on eBay these past few months.  He received permission to paint Davis (PA-19-16) covered bridge.  He is looking at May for this and requested people let him know what weekend works best for those who want to participate.  Columbia County will paint Stillwater (PA-19-21) in May.  They have applied for a $10,000 grant.  Bob announced that Jim need photos for the 2019 calendar and that people can pay him today for the safari and anniversary dinner.  He reminded members to be sure and notify him of email changes.  He and Judy have filed the tax exempt paperwork and are waiting to hear back on it.  He had many free items on the tables for the taking.  He had a lot of mugs he was able to buy at a good price from his MD supplier.  The company is being sold and they found lots of covered bridge items for us at a good price.





REPORTS OF ILLNESSES OR DEATHS – Arnie Alexander has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and is failing fast.




NEW BUSINESS –Tom Walczak, our safari leader, Tim Cohen and Ray Finkelstein are planning a trip to Ohio sometime in May to map out the route for our safari.  Motel information appears in the recent issue of PA Crossings.  The safari shirt was on display and Jim noted there were extra order forms on the table for those who want to order a shirt today.


They have finally started work on Dellville (PA-50-16).  It looks like they are removing the charred wood.


NEW COVERED BRIDGE ITEM - Tim McLaughlin shared a Mood’s Bridge (PA-09-07 #2) cross-stitch he picked up at an antique place and the book “Spans of Time Covered Bridges of Delaware County, NY”.


ADJOURNMENT - The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


NEXT MEETING - Our Next Meeting will be held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on April 8th.  The presentation will be “Covered Bridges of Oregon, Washington and Northern California” by Steve Wolfhope.  We will hold one of our two semi-annual bake sales at the next meeting.  Members were reminded to bring non-perishable items for the church’s food drive.



Respectfully Submitted by Gloria Smedley, Recording Secretary

March 7, 2018