The Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Monthly Business Meeting

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Manheim, PA

Sunday, August 5, 2018


President Tom Walczak called the meeting to order at 2:03.  He welcomed everyone and led us in the pledge of allegiance.




APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Tom reminded everyone the minutes were available for review and he will ask for approval later in the meeting.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  We have one new member, Stanley & Margaret Zielinski of Alaska (formerly of Pennsylvania).  We have 400 members renewed for 2017-2018.




Bonnie Shultz and her friend Shannon took a cross country motorcycle trip.  They saw Wolf (IL-48-01 #2) which had graffiti inside and out and was very unpleasant and the Hundred Covered Bridge (WV -52-01 #2) which had some minor roof damage.


Katie Helm stopped at Fort Hunter (PA-22-05 #2) which looks as if it has recently been painted brown.  There was evidence that the water level had been high but didn’t look as if it had reached the bottom of the bridge.


Greg Williams saw Shenck’s Mill (PA-36-30 #2) and Kaufman’s Distillery (PA-36-32 #2) which are both in good condition.  He also visited Shearer’s (PA-36-31 #2), and Red Run (PA-36-10) which appeared to be shored up on one end.


Pat Cook saw Shenck’s Mill which showed evidence of high water around it.  She also visited Dellville (PA-50-16 #2) where they are working on the roof on the south side.  All work at this time seemed to be on the south side of the bridge.  She went to the Star Barn Dedication and had a booklet which says Herr’s Mill (PA-36-21) will be moved there.


Joe McCarthy was not present but sent his report to Jim who read it to the group.  He says there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at Blenheim sometime in October.  Yesterday Joe was at Speakman #1 (PA-15-05) removing graffiti.  His company has ordered timbers to be used to repair Sheeder-Hall (PA-15-12).




President Tom Walczak visited Shenck’s Mill.  It was the first time he had seen it since the headache bars were installed.  They are unsightly but hopefully will help protect the bridge from oversized vehicles.  The bridge was in good shape.  He also saw Claycomb (PA-05-12) in Bedford County and took some nice photos.  He reminded members of his request for ideas of favorite bridges for an article to be published in Wooden Covered Spans.


First Vice President Jim Smedley – No report.


The deadline for PA Crossings is the October 14th meeting.

Second Vice President Ray Finkelstein visited all the bridges in Lehigh County.  He said Wehr’s (PA-39-02) showed a little damage on the side.  He mentioned that quilt raffle tickets are available for sale.

Third Vice President Steve Wolfhope –No report.


Fourth Vice President Tim McLaughlin visited several bridges.  He was at Speakman #1 after the heavy rains and took a video which he posted on Facebook showing the water almost up to the bottom of the bridge.  He saw Red Run which he says looks sad, is closed, and being used as a shed.  He and Connie went to the Star Barn opening which was phenomenal but couldn’t imagine where on the property they will put Herr’s Mill bridge.


Historian Fred J. Moll reported that there was another photograph of Wertz’s Bridge (PA-06-06) in the Reading Eagle Newspaper last month.  This time a family reunion had brought relatives back to Pennsylvania and to Wertz’s Bridge.  Next Sunday, the 12th, he will be giving a program on Berks County Covered Bridges at 2 o’clock in the barn next to the covered bridge.  During his talk you will learn which Berks covered bridge was built by Lewis Wernwag and not a local carpenter, which covered bridge was our only crooked covered bridge in our county, and which covered bridge was painted yellow and why.     


Recording Secretary Gloria Smedley saw a Facebook video of Zook’s Mill (PA-36-14) with water up to the deck and flowing through the bridge during this past weekend’s heaving rains.  She and Jim stopped at Shearer’s before the meeting.  There are a few boards missing at the top center of the right side of the bridge.


Corresponding Secretary/Program Chair Pam Heisey :  No report.


Treasurer Robert Kuether – KC Klingensmith and Bob Griner paid a visit and Bob and Judy took them to see all the bridges in Perry County.  Adairs (PA-50-04 #2) has some portal damage, Saville (PA-50-07 #2) has damage at both ends, Kochenderfer’s (PA-50-09) was in bad shape and at Red Bridge (PA-50-06) they have fixed the abutment but the bridge needs cleaning and painting.  He got a call from someone named Jim who said a tree had damaged a Lancaster-Chester County bridge.  Bob and Jim figured it must be Mercer’s which had a tree at one end.  Tim and Connie McLaughlin will stop by Mercer’s on the way home today to check it out.  Bob announced the following:


·         We will be painting Davis (PA-19-16) and Snyder (PA-19-14) on Saturday, August 11th.  We will start at Davis about 9:00-9:30 a.m.  The painter will have already painted the sides of Davis and members will paint the portals. The road will be blocked off at Davis so we can park and a porta pottie will be provided for our comfort.  If we have enough volunteers we will paint the portals of Snyder also.  Everyone is welcomed to participate or just come along to socialize. 

·         August 19th he will be representing the society at the Lancaster Bike event.

·         October 3-7 is Knoebels

·         October 14th we will have our meeting and fundraiser at Hoss’s in Lititz.


ILLNESSES/DEATHS of MEMBERS:  Arnie Alexander passed away this past week.  Pam Mailey’s husband, Frank, is recuperating from shoulder surgery.  Steve Wolfhope reported great results from his recent test after his long bout with radiation for prostate cancer. Tim Cohen will be getting a second opinion this week on the detached retina of his eye before a determination is made on surgery.


OLD BUSINESS – Our 60th Anniversary Quilt raffle tickets are available for sale by Ray or Linda Finkelstein.  There will be a dedication ceremony for Stillwater (PA-19-21) on August 25th from noon to 4:00 p.m.


Tom asked for ideas on next year’s safari.  Bob Kuether would like to visit 60 bridges in 2019 in honor of our 60th anniversary.  He proposed one weekend safari (perhaps Columbia County) and several other one day safaris.


Connie McLaughlin announced a car show to be held at Poole Forge (PA-36-01) on October 14th.  She and Tim will attend and can set up a table for our society.  Afterwards they will go to Hoss’s to participate in our fundraiser.


Bob will have tickets next month to hand out for those who wish to participate in dinner at Hoss’s. 


NEW BUSINESS –  Next month’s meeting is our annual election of officers.  Katie Helm of the Nominating Committee read the slate of officers for the new year:

President:  Tom Walczak

First Vice President:  Jim Smedley

Treasurer:  Robert J. Kuether

Second Vice President:  Ray Finkelstein

Recording Secretary:  (open)

Third Vice President:  Steve Wolfhope

Corresponding Secretary/ Program Chairperson:  Pamela Heisey

Fourth Vice President:  Tim McLaughlin

Historian:  Fred J. Moll


NEW COVERED BRIDGE ITEM –   Greg Williams shared a couple paintings and a mug he found. 


APPROVAL OF MINUTES – July minutes were approved as presented.

ADJOURNMENT - The meeting was adjourned at 4:20 p.m. following the movie “Covered Bridges of West Virginia”.


NEXT MEETING - Our Next Meeting will be our annual meeting and election of officers here at the church on September 9th.



Respectfully Submitted by Gloria Smedley, Recording Secretary

August 7, 2018